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Untuk mengobati infeksi bakteri pada orang dewasa, berikan 500 mg, 3 hingga 4 kali per hari. Ceclor is an antibiotic How to use Ceclor CD Tablet, Extended Release 12 Hr. Usually he has done that with a new antibiotic to make sure the antibiotic agrees with me. The recommended dosing is 300 mL lactulose plus 700 mL water, betnovate cream to buy uk administered as a. Duricef is an antibiotic and have a bactericidal effect (kills bacteria).It is used for treatment of the following infections:. no structural or functional abnormalities within the urinary tract and the kidneys and no. Erythromycin ophthalmic preparations are used to treat infections of priligy news on usa the eye. 6 respuestas 6. Popular Products. Linezolid is a new oxazolidinone antibiotic used to treat infections caused by vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE).